Department of Corrections Ombuds

 Carlos Lugo, DOC Ombuds


Cannot accept complaints/review requests over the phone


o   The Ombuds addresses/investigates complaints.  Employees, contract staff, and volunteers cooperate fully with requests from the Ombuds.


o   Concerned citizens, individuals under Department jurisdiction, and their families


o   Concerns and/or complaints about non-compliance of policies, state or federal laws/WAC that have not been satisfactorily addressed


o   After lower-level processes/appeals; or when the incarcerated person feels immediate concern/endangered health and/or safety


o   For Washington State Dept. of Corrections facilities


o   Submit the Ombuds Review Request form, see “How to Submit a Concern/Complaint” on this page:


For more information about addressing issue resolution, please watch this Youtube video:


State of Washington Ombuds

Joanna Carns

Director of Office of the Corrections Ombuds

Separate from the DOC Agency, Joanna Carns will soon be providing information and investigating complaints about the welfare, health, safety and rights of incarcerated people in Washington state.